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Bird's eye view of part of the village of Abbots Ripton in Huntingdonshire
A Bird's Eye View of Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
by Geoff Soden of Paramotors UK


Riptone (10th century); Riptune (11th century); Magna Riptona, Ryptone or Riptone Abbatis (12 and 13th century); St. Johns Ripton (16th century) and Abbots Ripton (Modern).

Abbot’s Ripton once belonged to the Abbey of Ramsey. It was held about the time of Queen Elizabeth I by the St John family, and hence was sometimes called Ripton St John. About 1662 it came into the possession of the Bonfoys, from whom it passed by marriage to the Roopers. Later it was purchased by Edward Fellowes, ancestor of Lord de Ramsey, the present owner.

Moat Farm in Abbots Ripton has timbers dating from Shakespeare's day and an ancient gargoyle watching all who pass. There are charming 16th and 17th century cottages by the church. The church tower, about 400 years old, looks down on a nave, aisle and porch of the 13th century, and has a bell which was ringing over the fields long before the current tower was built, for it was made in about 1400, another being dated 1671. There is a font with carving of the 15th century, a 13th century piscina, an Elizabethan altar table, and a window glowing with shields in fragments of 15th century glass, but perhaps the best possession is a group of figures looking down on the chancel, six men and women who have been holding up the beams of Abbots Ripton church since the 15th century and four more on the splendid timbers.

Abbots Ripton is one of the parishes of the District of Huntingdonshire, whose administrative centre is Huntingdon, the other principle towns being St Ives home of the Chapel on the Bridge, St Neots the largest town in the County of Cambridgeshire, the Roman town of Godmanchester and Ramsey site of the former Abbey.

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